SidecarT Firmware & Software Downloads

Welcome to the official download center for SidecarT firmware and software. Find the latest versions and necessary instructions below.

SidecarT Firmware

The SidecarT firmware runs on the Raspberry Pi Pico W, facilitating communication with the Atari ST. Updating the software is as simple as copying the firmware file to the Pico’s USB drive. You can follow the Update the firmware guide or revisit the Quickstart section.

Latest STABLE release

Latest BETA release

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SidecarT Test Software

The test software runs on the Atari ST, checking the SidecarT’s communication capabilities.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Copy both TESTSCRT.TOS and TESTROM.BIN to a floppy disk or a hard disk partition on your Atari ST.
  2. Transfer TESTROM.BIN to the roms folder (or your chosen name) on SidecarT’s SD card.
  3. Boot the Atari ST and SidecarT in configuration mode (press SELECT button), then select the TESTROM.BIN ROM file for emulation.
  4. Now start the Atari ST and the SidecarT in normal mode and launch the TESTSCRT.TOS program.

Latest Versions

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