Firmware & Software Downloads

Welcome to the official download center for SidecarTridge firmware and software. Find the latest versions and necessary instructions below.

SidecarTridge Multi-device Firmware

The SidecarTridge Multi-device firmware runs on the Raspberry Pi Pico W, facilitating communication with the Atari ST. Updating the software is as simple as copying the firmware file to the Pico’s USB drive. You can follow the Update the firmware guide or revisit the Quickstart section.

Latest STABLE release

Latest BETA release

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SidecarTridge TOS Emulator


Installing or updating the firmware is as simple as copying the firmware file to the RPI-RP2 USB drive. Please follow the Update the firmware guide.

Latest STABLE Releases v1.0.4 (NEW INSTALLATION)

These firmware versions will DELETE and OVERWRITE the existing TOS ROM images.

Latest STABLE Releases v1.0.4 (UPGRADE)

These firmware versions will NOT overwrite the existing TOS ROM images and are valid for any Atari ST/STF/STFM/MegaST/STE/MegaSTE model.

SWITCHER.TOS Application

The SWITCHER.TOS application is a straightforward TOS application for Atari ST computers, enabling you to hot-swap between different TOS versions on the SidecarTridge TOS Emulator. Simply copy the application to your Atari ST computer and run it to seamlessly switch TOS versions.

Latest STABLE release v1.0.1

Remove the trailing version number and rename to SWITCHER.TOS before copying to your Atari ST computer.