SidecarTridge TOS for Atari ST Quickstart

A video tutorial to setting up your SidecarTridge TOS emulator for Atari ST.

Don’t like video tutorials? Follow the steps in the documentation site.

Before you buy…

The SidecarTridge TOS emulator is designed to work with specific Atari ST models and motherboards.

There are different versions of the device to accommodate various motherboard configurations. Please follow these steps before purchasing the emulator:

Check Your Atari ST Motherboard Model

To learn more about your Atari ST motherboard model, open the case and look for the model number printed on the board, usually located in the middle bottom of the motherboard. Refer to the Compatibility section for a list of supported motherboards. If your motherboard model is not listed, please contact us for further assistance. If your motherboard model number is listed, proceed to the next step.

For example:

An Atari ST motherboard model number might look like this: Atari ST Motherboard Model

An Atari STE motherboard model number might look like this: Atari STE Motherboard Model

Determine the Number of ROMs

At this moment, the SidecarTridge TOS emulator supports Atari ST motherboards with two and six ROM chips. Please ensure what type of ROM configuration your motherboard has.

ROMs Plugged or Soldered

If your ROMs are plugged, congratulations, you can proceed with the purchase. If they are soldered, you will need to desolder them and plug them into sockets.

If you are not comfortable with desoldering and soldering, please seek professional help to avoid damaging your Atari ST motherboard. We strongly recommend using an experienced technician to perform this task.

Purchase the Right SidecarTridge TOS Emulator Kit

Once you have verified the compatibility of your Atari ST motherboard, you can proceed to purchase the appropriate SidecarTridge TOS emulator kit. Ensure you select the correct kit based on your motherboard model number and the number of ROMs.

SidecarTridge TOS Emulator Kit Supported Motherboards Number of ROMs    
STF and STFM Kit 070789-001, C103175-001, C103414-001 2    
STF and STFM Kit 070789-001, C103175-001, C103414-001 6    
STE Kit CA4003290 2    
Mega STE Kit CA400677 2   2

What’s next?

This quickstart guide will help you get started with your SidecarTridge TOS emulator for Atari ST. But if you want to learn more about the emulator, check out the SidecarTridge TOS documentation. Here are some sections you might find interesting:

  1. Getting Started: In this section, you will find information about how to create your own set of ROM images, modify the default and rescue ROMs, and how to avoid fragmentation issues in the file system.

  2. User Guide: Read this section if you have doubts about the daily operation of the SidecarTridge TOS emulator for Atari ST.

  3. Compatibility: It is important to learn about the different motherboards supported and the different TOS that can be used and how to get them.

  4. Troubleshooting: If you have any issues, check out this section to find solutions to common problems.

  5. FAQ: Find answers to frequently asked questions about the SidecarTridge TOS emulator for Atari ST.

Need help?

Check out the throubleshoot pages, or our contact us page if you have any questions or issues. We’re happy to help!