Retro computing on steroids with SidecarTridge

Revitalize your vintage computers with SidecarTridge devices, a series of coprocessor boards that introduce modern features to your classic machines.

Choose your favourite poison

SidecarTridge Multi-device for Atari ST
A multi-device emulator on Raspberry Pi Pico steroids for the Atari ST, STE, and Mega series
PSU for Atari ST
A replacement solderless PSU kit for your Atari ST/STE/MegaST computer.
SidecarTridge TOS Emulator for Atari ST/E and MegaST/STE
Programmable TOS ROM emulator for the Atari ST, STE, and Mega series
SidecarTridge ROM Emulator
Programmable ROM emulator for the 27C / 28C EPROM and EEPROM series

We build devices that bring your vintage computers into the 21st century


I'm Diego Parrilla, a Software Engineer who began exploring computers in the '80s as a teenager. Now in my fifties, my passion has transformed into creating modern equipment for retro computers. My aim is to infuse classic computers with the convenience and feel of modern devices, allowing us to relive the enchantment of the past with today's technology.

At SidecarTridge, our mission is to enhance the functionality of retro computers without compromising the authenticity of the experience. In 2023, we launched our inaugural hardware product: the SidecarTridge Multi-device for Atari ST series computers. This device has been a delightful surprise and was very well received within the Atari communities.

Today, we are committed to continuously innovating and developing new gadgets. There is no greater reward in my engineering career than seeing our products bring joy and renewed functionality to enthusiasts around the world!

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